Vaping or hitting the bong: The main differences

When starting a new hobby, we always want to know as much as we can about the topic. That way, we can enjoy a lot more the activity we are doing. Of course, the same thing happens when we want to start smoking since the quality of our experience will depend on the knowledge we have about this area.

There are many different options when buying a bong or any other kind of glass pipe, just as a vaporizer, we must be sure of what we want before making a choice. For example, knowing the differences between vaping or hitting the bong will help you choose the best way of smoking according to your needs.

To start, we can point that both vaporizers and bongs are popular and can be easily found. In addition to this, vaporizers or e-cigarettes are way more expensive than bongs, so you also have to consider your budget before picking one of the options available.

What is vaping?

At some moment in your life you may have heard about vaping, but what does it mean? Well, it consists in the use of an electronic cigarette or vaporizer for smoking, which is, inhaling and exhaling vapor with our favorite flavors..

These smoking method has gained popularity in recent years, since vaporizers or e-cigarettes are smaller and lighter than bongs, and can be easily carried around when needed.

And talking about the supplies, a vaporizer needs a smaller amount of e-juice (substance that we load innour vaporizar) and it is not needed to use any water. It also is healthier for us, since vaporizers produce cleaner smoke and prevent us from ingesting any harmful chemicals, just as keeps our teeth cleaner than a bong could do.

If you are new to smoking, a vaporizer is perfect for you. These make you feel high way slower than a bong, and the hit is less overwhelming and heavy.

And what is hitting the bong?

This is the oldest and most used smoking method for centuries and is usually used by people who smoke tobacco or other herbs. A bong can be used for smoking different substances, and it is normally made of glass or some kind of acrylic.

It is considered a water pipe since it is needed to fill the bong with water before using, and is also really easy to use and get in case you have a low budget since these are cheaper than electronic cigarettes.

Unlike some vaporizers, which can let you take multiple draws for a few minutes, this glass water pipe lets you take even two big sips every so often. Using a bong to smoke produces a heavier hit than an electronic cigarette, and even the aroma can influence the way we react to the vapor.

In the end, your choice will depend on your needs and desires, and we encourage you to pick the best smoking method for you. Here in Glass Tank, we are ready to help you, you only need to contact us and we will give you all the advice you may need.