Take Care When Dealing With Insurance Company

Each year, over 50,000 injuries occur as the result of careless or negligent drivers. When you have suffered an injury due to this carelessness, you need to be aware of your rights. Injury lawyers in Ontario recognize the shortcomings of Insurance Company when it comes to getting the compensation that their clients need in order to heal and get on with their lives.

Over the years, Insurance Company has been plagued by financial woes and fraudulent claims. Their adjusters are chronically overworked and understaffed with limited ability to fully investigate and get the entire picture of an injury victim’s prognosis and needs.

A History of Not Working in Victims’ Favour

Insurance Company has a history of denying and undercutting valid claims in the hopes of keeping a financial tight rein. Even so, they are chronically saddled with their own financial interests over the interests of accident victims. When it comes to settling claims after an accident, they will systematically offer less than the claim is worth hoping that the victim will be glad for their meager settlement. If it comes down to a negotiation, Insurance Company has saved enough on these meager settlements to still be ahead even when they are forced to negotiate.

Make Sure Your Rights are Being Protected

The more you understand about Insurance Company and their claims process, the more you can work in your own best interest. Having the legal advice of a Toronto personal injury lawyer is the best way to be assured that your legal rights are being protected,

The Insurance Company is Not on Your Side

Always keep in mind that Insurance Company will look for any reason to minimize your claim. Even though the Motor Vehicle Act only requires a police report if there is an injury or the vehicle damage exceeds $1,000, there are many times an injury does not manifest immediately. It is in your best interest to have a police report and witness statements to ensure that if you did sustain an injury, you have the needed documentation. A police report will also assess potential fault at the scene instead of relying on the adjuster to ascertain fault days and weeks after the accident took place.

Always Seek Medical Assessment

You should always seek medical attention after an accident. This is also important if an injury surfaces and potentially becomes worse over time. Insurance Company sees a lack of medical attention after an accident as an indication that there was no injury. But injuries are not always immediately obvious and can become symptomatic hours and days after the accident.

Have a Lawyer Work on Your Behalf

When you are contacted by an Insurance Company adjuster, always be aware that they are looking to minimize any potential claim. You are not legally required to meet with the adjuster and you have a right to professional legal counsel. If you are represented by an injury lawyer, your lawyer will negotiate your claim with the Insurance Company and avoid the risk of them using information against you.

After being involved in an accident, you don’t need the additional stress of dealing with Insurance Company. Call the legal professionals Personal Injury Lawyer. We have represented accident victims in Toronto for decades and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation on their behalf.